Vox Populi: Staten Islanders Complain of Bad Drivers, “Guidos,” “Doot-Da-Doots”


We love the Staten Island Advance. Today they asked readers, “what are your most annoying encounters with road rudeness?” You may not know this, but Staten Island is much like Jersey, and its inhabitants rely mostly on motorized vehicles to get around.

While the first commenter says, “get a life and get some real news,” the Advance‘s query has drawn dozens of reactions which reflect the wonderful diversity of the borough and irrepressibility of its citizens.

A few have specific complaints, as with one who encountered a “young girl driver” at an intersection who “went half way thru the stop sign without stopping,we almost collided, waved her hand like i did something wrong, (i had no stop sign) and then gave me the finger…” Pedestrians, who like to jaywalk, are also criticized.

But many prefer to rag on their fellow citizens and the Island itself. One hates “guido drivers with tinted windows blasting WKTU,” others “some lipgloss wearing ‘Doot-Da-Doot’ with a blowout hairdo blasting house music,” “fat disgusting greaseball in his SUV,” “spitters and the crotch adjusters on the side walk,” etc. (One observes ominously, “When a group of people are privileged, then everyone desires and will ask for the same.”)

One declares, “This island is a sewer,” When a commenter asks why readers who don’t like it stay in Staten Island, she is told, “they stay because this island is a cesspool that traps people.”

As to a favorite, we are torn between wretched1 (“It annoys me when my mother-in-law wants to ride up front, instead of in the cargo bay”) and URANA55 (“So glad I dont pay for this dumb A$$ paper anymore. Never has anything good to read. I would rather read everyones dumb A$$ comments”).