One October day in 1967, in a restaurant in Manhattan, Andy Warhol and his entourage from the Factory filmed two versions of The Nude Restaurant: In one version, the cast was entirely nude, and in the other version, the “real” actors—including Viva and Taylor Mead—wore G-strings. The classier version of The Nude Restaurant is now being screened at Anthology Film Archives as part of Andy Warhol Weekend, along with the 21-minute film Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before by artist Cheryl Donegan. Donegan’s film pays homage to The Nude Restaurant as she re-creates Viva’s monologue, while her nine-year-old son plays Mead’s character. The Warhol extravaganza also includes the screening of The Chelsea Girls, another Warhol gem, which depicts the Chelsea Hotel and its wild bunch of celebs, prostitutes, and junkies.

July 31-Aug. 2, 2009