Bedford Avenue Crazy Man Profiled


We are grateful to Gothamist for finding Russel Fong’s short film on the Williamsburg yelling man, whom we’ve been wondering about. As it happens, Lawrence LaDouceur is a lot more amiable in private conversation than when yelling at the corner of North 7th and Bedford, but alas, no less crazy. He traces all the problems of his life to “the identity of being a sex object” — which he was from age 13 to age 55; “that’s all over now” — and Thorazine. Also, he served in Vietnam, is the messiah, should be Mayor, etc. He hails from Walla Walla, Butte, Utah and points west, used to live in a storage space, now resides in the nearby Glenwood Hostel. And hey, he used to act crazy at the old nexus of hipsterdom, East 7th and Avenue A in Manhattan! We guess that means we can expect him up in Greenpoint in a few years.