Bikes in Buildings Bill Glides Through Council


Finally the city council bill requiring commercial building owners to allow their tenants to bring in and store their bicycles — which was amended last year to make it less onerous to landlords — has passed 46-1 and will go to Mayor Bloomberg for signing.

The bill stalled earlier this month in a dispute over who would administer its provisions; these were finally assigned to the Department of Buildings. The council’s transportation committee cleared it yesterday.

The inability to take bikes into many workplaces, leaving them to the tender mercies of street life in commercial districts, has been considered a major impediment to bike commuting. Advocates of green transit consider the bill’s passage a major advance. “When we open the doors of New York City’s workplaces to cyclists, tens of thousands of commuters are going to get
on two wheels,” rejoices Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives.