Guy Has Old-Timey Gun Made, Gets Hassled by Cops; Patriots Bellow


Well, we said that twitting gun nuts might do Bloomberg some good, but it appears they’re taking the fight to him: Michael Littlejohn of Sheepshead Bay had a flintlock made for himself, then waited for the fascist gun seizers to show up.

And they did! Cops have interviewed him and the blacksmith who made the old-timey shootin’ ahrn. Let the cold dead hands fireworks commence…

The Daily News says that “the NYPD learned about Littlejohn’s $825 rifle when he left a receipt inside a Staples copy center, prompting a call to the cops.” Clearly a cry for help, or publicity, with which police were happy to comply. They want him to get a permit. He claims exemption, as the weapon is an antique, albeit a newly-made one.

While they hash it out, the expected rabble-rousing ensues. Littlejohn gets a shout-out from More Guns Less Liberals. “Michael Littlejohn wants to stick it to The Man,” says GunpoliticsNY. The cops and cop fans at Thee Rant also stand tall for freedom and flintlocks (“Ray Kelly…Michael Bloomdouche…closet socialists”).

“Gun Rights Examiner” David Codrea rages, “Leviathan can throw unlimited resources at an individual until he breaks… How much money does NYC have to throw around at outrageous extra-legal vendettas like this? Who went to Tennessee? Who ordered them? Let’s see all the travel expense receipts — gas, hotel, meals…”

Codrea ends in dismay: “When you go to the Daily News article I used as the source for this column, be sure and take the poll. You just have to shake your head in wonder at the slave mentality that voted ‘No. Since he does not have a license, the police have a right to take it away.'” Actually the comments run strongly in Littlejohn’s defense (“WestSider you are a total mor0n. The law doesn’t require him to get a license. and the idi0t in the NYPD who are harassing him are just as stupid as you”), but if you’re trying to gin up an outrage, a call to Freep the Poll so the sheeple will know what’s what is always a good idea. With luck and a segment on Lou Dobbs, Michael the Gunner could be bigger than Joe the Plumber! Raise your muskets, citizens!