In a Somewhat Predictable Unpredictable Turn of Events, the Fiery Furnaces Are Covering Their Own Album, Twice


It’s pretty funny that the Fiery Furnaces’ new I’m Going Away has been generally critically regarded as their simplest, most direct, least goofy-gimmick-addled release in years, and lo and behold, they’re now threatening to release two new versions of it, one covered entirely by Matt, one covered entirely by Eleanor. Though I happened to be listening to the record at the exact moment I learned this news (hi Tom), I can’t say I was mulling over how much I’d like to hear Matt sing “Lost at Sea,” but these guys doing every daffy thing that pops into their heads seems to be the idea. Their official statement re: this project is below; I leave you to determine its level of sarcasm.

Matthew and Eleanor are taking time out from watching season two of Mad Men to record separate, complete, cover, tribute, albums, of, to, I’m Going Away. Only the words will remain the same. Though in Eleanor’s case, the singer remains the same. The song, never. Or mostly never.

In other words: complete cover-album versions of the Fiery Furnaces by the Fiery Furnaces. Or The Fiery Furnaces. By the two of them, separately. To be released in two parts, together.

Six songs by one with six by the other. And then another six by six. The first batch comes out sometime in New York City- meaning September.

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