Let’s Play The Fame Game


Famegame.com analyzes people’s “social connections and media attention” and comes up with a ranking of just how fabulously anonymity-challenged they are at that moment. Last time I looked, I ranked #117, which is pretty good considering Octomom and her brood must take up 15 whole slots and all the people suddenly claiming they tried to do interventions on Michael Jackson surely fill out dozens more.

The ranking is based on your photo visibility, your media mentions, and your people connections (The site says I have 339 of those, including Ivanka Trump, Perez Hilton, and Iman, snap.)

Even more impressively, it says that I was ranked #1 in Movers and Shakers in the “Media & Digital” category the week of January 10, 2009. Unfortunately, I was too busy being fabulously famous that week to even click on the site and find that out!

This week, it’s author Frank McCourt who holds that ranking, and I suspect it’s mainly because he got a whole lot of mentions for having died and all. I’d rather be medium ranked and alive! I think!