Obama Will Drink Piss Beer at Gates-Crowley Summit


It appears President Obama has avoided controversy by allowing his guests at the Henry Louis Gates-Sergeant James Crowley summit to have whatever beer they want — Gates is said to like Red Stripe, Crowley Blue Moon — while Obama, mindful of America’s preference for the mediocre, will drink the flavorless swill known as Bud Light. Way to pander, Mr. President!

We hope the three of them will get good and ripped, and that Obama will use his influence to obtain mercy for Boston Police Officer Justin Barrett, who was apparently so angered by the aftermath of the Gates incident that he called Gates a “jungle monkey” in an email, for which he has been suspended from the force. We don’t like the idea of speech codes in general — and besides, nothing would burn this guy’s ass more than being pardoned by a black guy.

Update: It appears the beer choices (Red Stripe, Bud Light, Blue Moon) suggest the phrase “Red, Lite, and Blue,” which is already driving right-wing buffoons crazy. Obama’s so smart, we’re beginning to think he invented birtherism.