Pat LaFrieda Traces Burger Craze Origins to the Shake Shack


Slashfood has a Q&A with Pat LaFrieda, the third-generation meat maestro whose proprietary burger blends have graced menus from the Shake Shack to Minetta Tavern. Some highlights from the interview:

What a hamburger is: “A formed patty of chopped beef with no internal seasoning.”

What a hamburger isn’t: “Anything with internal seasonings and anything that comes out tasting like meatloaf. Anything that is not beef or lamb.”

The current burger craze began at the Shake Shack: “When the Shake Shack opened that was the first time I saw 150 [people] wait in line…When I saw that, I said, ‘Wait a minute, there is something going on here.'”

On his arrangement with Fresh Direct: “…we are selling them 2,500 pounds a week so far. So that’s about 7,000 [six-ounce] hamburgers.”