Remembering the Good Old Days at CBGB with Pig Destroyer


The now departed rock club CBGB has come in for some abuse around these quarters, it being mostly a repository for evermore decrepit punk nostalgia and incredible family/scene infighting of a remarkably bitter nature–plus the fact that half the club’s bookings after like 1988 were battle-of-the-bands shows and interminable high school coffeehouse-type fare–but jeez, how about this video of Virginia grindcore killers Pig Destroyer playing the club in its waning days? It’s hard to overstate the volume vocalist J. R. Hayes achieves after the CBGB mic cuts out (ahem), and he continues to sing (ahem) at a volume that well surpasses that of the fully-amplified metal band behind him. So you weren’t all bad, CBGB. Also: 50 Reasons to Love Pig Destroyer. (#26: The fact that the band apparently still practices in a band member’s parent’s basement.) [Video courtesy of Metal Sucks, via The Daily Swarm]