Sign Gillibrand’s Gay Outreach is Working: Post is Pissed


Kirsten Gillibrand’s (and Chuck Schumer’s) plan to make her look more liberal — the latest masterstroke of which is her call for hearings on the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy — is working! Today the New York Post attacks her for “another Kirsten Gillibrand flip-flop,” but really for being nice to homosexuals. “Back in 2008, she refused to join an effort by 146 House Democrats to kill the policy,” says the Post with a palpable sense of betrayal. “A spokesman insists Gillibrand always opposed the policy. Of course she did.” (Note italics; means sarcasm.) “Just like the woman who boasted a 100 percent NRA voting record” blah blah blah.

Meanwhile progressive and gay blogs are delighted, and Carolyn Maloney has again delayed her campaign to unseat Gillibrand from the left. Gillibrand hasn’t forgotten her constituents back in the old country, either: she’s pushing for $150 million for roadwork in New York’s hinterlands. Say what you like about her, she knows how the game is played.