Surf’s Up at 31 Crosby


New cafe/mixed-use store alert: the space at 31 Crosby Street is being turned into a cafe cum surf shop cum men’s clothing boutique. Josh Rosen, one of the store’s four owners, says that the space — located next to the N 33 tapas bar and up the block from the French Culinary Institute — is set to open on Saturday, August 31.

Rosen and the shop’s other owners all work in the fashion industry and grew up surfing. The boards, he says, will be “works of art,” while the coffee will be brewed on a La Marzocco. Rosen’s currently in the process of choosing his coffee purveyor, but says that Stumptown is one of the three candidates. Pastries will be supplied by one of the owners’ girlfriends, who has worked at BabyCakes.

The store is attached to an enviably spacious backyard patio, which Rosen says will be used for events like outdoor film screenings and dinners for 50 people. Because surf boards, a coffee counter, and men’s clothing don’t leave much room for a kitchen, those dinners will be produced in collaboration with meat mavens Schaller & Weber, with whom the owners have a personal connection.