What’s in a Restaurant Name?


It seems like restaurant names are getting more and more bizarre. Cowgirl Seahorse? Dirt Candy? At Vermillion? Maybe all the good names are already taken, and we’re entering an era of monikers like Furry Flowers and Upside-Down Blue.

Restaurants named after people, especially the proprietor, are a classy, if less flamboyant, solution to the naming question–and much warmer than using the restaurant’s street address, such as Brasserie 1605 and the like. This month, Edible Brooklyn has a fun story about how some seemingly eponymous restaurants got their names.

Franny’s, the cultish pizza spot, is named after co-owner Francine Stephens. But Bonnie, of Bonnie’s Grill, is actually a man–the nickname of the owner’s father. Yet another culty pizza joint, Lucali, is a mash-up: A tribute to the candy shop that used to occupy the spot (Louie’s ) and the first syllable of the owner’s daughter’s name, Kalista.

[Edible Brooklyn]