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Astoria Drunk-Climbs-Back-Into-Own-Burning-Car Video Makes It to TV!


Seeing an SUV devoured by flames after a drunk driver slammed it into a
stack of construction material in a lot in Astoria is pretty
dramatic. Seeing said drunk escape being charred only to get back into that
flaming car a few seconds later to try to drive it qualifies as Shocking.

That’s why, New York based YouTube celeb Jill Hanner tells us, she and
her roomie blogger Rob
were interviewed by truTV (formerly Court TV) yesterday, for a show
called Most Shocking Videos

The two rolled footage on the inferno one late night in April.
According to Hanner, a loud bang brought the two running to a window. “I
was so freaked out,” recalls Hanner, “I thought someone was dead.” Boudon
recounts the night thusly via a blog post:

“My roommate Jill Hanner and I were enjoying a peaceful night at home
when suddenly a drunk guy drives a vehicle into some gated private property
behind my apartment and begins ramming it into piles of wood and metal.
We called the police and informed them what was taking place.
The car quickly catches on fire. The drunk guy pounds the
car with pieces of metal. He climbs back into the car honks the horn and it
blows out in a firey puff. The drunk guy begins pushing his fire engulfed
car backwards while yelling and swearing. A second guy grabs him from the
inferno minutes before an explosion takes place. The FDNY begin dousing the
flames and a second explosion is heard. The NYPD arrive and the drunk guy
starts running from the scene. The police quickly stop him, handcuff him and
throw him in their van.”

Though Boudon sums up the event pretty well, one needs to view the video to truly believe a person, even a drunk one, could be crazy enough to climb back into a burning vehicle.

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