Blank Dogs Live: 2008-2009


Blank Dogs, the reverbed and not-so-enigmatically hooded down project of Brooklyn’s Mike Sniper, he of the Captured Tracks label, formerly of the D.C. Snipers, currently of Academy Records, will no longer play live, according to Sniper. The texturally wracked but still sort of sweet Blank Dogs project was studio only through September of last year, when Sniper began leading various configurations of his band in various spots across the city, to rapidly improving results. (Hear a show they did the Market Hotel in February, for instance, here.) But now comes the announcement, courtesy of the band’s MySpace:

New music, no shows.

Just to clarify:

There won’t be any shows booked for the foreseeable future.

Going to continue recording/releasing records, though.

Blank Dogs “live” was an experiment. Tried it, and now it’s back to what it was before.

Which, as far as reasons go, this one seems admirably forthright–although our money is that you’ll see Sniper onstage again, in one form or another. [h/t nyctaper]