Girlfriend-Torturer’s Stirring Apologia: “That Bitch Drove Me Crazy”


Part of the code of the streets is, when you go, you go hard. Yesterday Jason Page lived up to the code at his sentencing in Brooklyn Supreme Court. He’d been convicted of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend, holding her for two weeks, burning her with a lighter and whipping her with an electrical cord. Instead of muttering an apology, the Daily News tells us, the apparent psycho delivered a stirring courtroom oration which, while not quite achieving the eloquence of John Brown or Nathan R. Jessep, is destined to go down in the annals of thug life.

During the victim-impact statement part of the sentencing, Page made comments like “Give her a round of fuckin’ applause” and “Let the whole fuckin’ family speak,” and clapped derisively. He assessed the actions of the court in general, “Y’all deserve some Emmys and Oscars.” Told he was getting 25 years for his crimes, Page cried, “That’s all you’re going to give me?”

Later, as officers of the court prepared to take him to his cell, Page explained his actions of last summer, though he had earlier denied them. “You think I’m just going to do something like that to nobody for no reason?” he reasoned. “That bitch drove me crazy. Every day lying to me, lying to me. Drove me crazy. Give me my fucking time and let me get out of here.”

Advised of his right to appeal, Page rejoined, “You have a right to leave me the fuck alone.”

Page also told the judge his sentence was “a cakewalk.” It is yet to be seen how much cake Page will receive in prison.