Hear/Read Along As Oneida Tear Things Down at the Market Hotel


Perhaps you might be interested in hearing the audio to last Friday’s Oneida show Rob Harvilla describes so ably in this week’s Voice? Did 2009 jam-of-the-moment “Ghost in the Room” in fact induce “a sort of fist-pumping nirvana in which everyone is too mesmerized to actually pump their fists”? Can you actually hear the “rushed, sloppy, desperate quality” of 2006’s contender-to-remember “Up With the People“? Find out at nyctaper, which has the audio, plus the details on the “pro-quality sound system” that may or may not join air-conditioning as a permanent feature of the Market Hotel. Also notable is the part where New York’s finest live music archivist calls Rob a “professional.” Maybe he even is one!