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New Q-Poll: New Yorkers Like Times Square Mall, Bloomberg’s Schools, Cars (?)


Fresh off their last poll showing a small Thompson spurt over Bloomberg in the mayor’s race, Quinnipiac University has released another poll of city voters on the odds and sods of city life. It shows general approval of Mayor Bloomberg’s control of schools, though the Post‘s proclamation that it “GIVES MIKE A+” is a little much: his schools approval rating is 57 to 30 percent, and respondents agree he should remain in charge of them by the same margin (black voters, however, approve by only 48 to 39 percent; whites, men, and Republicans give Bloomberg his highest numbers, which may explain the Post‘s enthusiasm)…

The Times Square pedestrian mall gets a similar level of support, 58 to 34 percent, but voters say by 57 to 38 percent that they don’t want a similar mall in their own neighborhood — which is unsurprising, as most neighborhoods in no way resemble non-residential Times Square. But we would be interested in a Williamsburg Mall — it would give the bums more room to spread out.

Respondents also — surpise! — disapprove MTA fare hikes and bridge tolls. But most like the service they’re getting on the subway — and an even greater number approve our shitty bus service. We think the sample may be skewed, as Quinnipiac also reports that only 25 percent use the subways for commuting, and 23 percent say they drive to work. Maybe this includes part-timers, because if 23 percent of New Yorkers used cars five days a week, the place would resemble a packed parking lot most days. (We note with interest that 40 percent of Republicans reported using cars.)

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