News Roundup: The Walkmen, Green Day, Jay Reatard


The Walkman have announced a fall tour. The band, still supporting last year’s massive You and Me, will play the already-announced Guggenheim August 14 as part of the It Came from Brooklyn series and then play a stacked double-bill with Dinosaur Jr. in Central Park on August 16. The rest of the dates are here.

Green Day brought their 21st Century Breakdown tour to Madison Square Garden last night. The first half of the set focused on the new album while the second had the band exploring their 20 year career with a greatest hits parade of “Longview,” “Basket Case” and, um, a singalong of “Sweet Home Alabama.” The New York Post was there, and they didn’t like it. Their a-little-too-dramatic review said the band should be “ashamed” the gig closely resembled their show at Giants Stadium four years ago. “It insults the audience when a band, touted as brilliant sociopolitical commentators, doesn’t think we’d notice the recycling,” the Post said. We won’t begin to try to figure that one out.

Promoting his upcoming album Watch Me Fall, Jay Reatard will tour ten record stores across the West Coast. The shows kick off August 18 at Los Angeles’s Amoeba Music, the same day Watch Me Fall hits stores. All dates will be free and all-ages. No East Coast stores are on the schedule, which is too bad — what’s wrong with Other Music, Jay?