Photos: Mazor Lazer, The Virgins, Amazing Baby, Conor Oberst, Public Enemy at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival


While you were busy shrieking at the East River stormclouds this past weekend, some of our locals were overseas for Fuji Rock, a gorgeously run three-day Japanese music festival. There were approximately 130,000 attendees, Oasis, Weezer, and Franz Ferdinand as headliners, and barely any trash left behind each day, “which is amazing for that number of people,” points out photographer Rebecca Smeyne, who was there on her way back from traveling around China with These Are Powers. Certainly a better outcome than the first Fuji Rock ever, which took place in 1997 and got cancelled in the middle of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ headlining set due to an ensuing typhoon. Take that, Sunday lightning storm. Other performers this year at Fuji Rock included Major Lazer, Amazing Baby, the Virgins, Patti Smith, Conor Oberst, and Bad Brains. Sweet photos are below.