“Rock Critic Karaoke,” Which Is a Real Thing, Is Occurring Tonight in Red Hook


Forgive the moderate self-aggrandizement here, but tonight, Brooklyn’s own Jalopy Theatre is hosting Peter Stampfel’s Critical Karaoke, wherein the badass NYC folk heavyweight invites a bunch of rock critics — the slate will apparently include Robert Christgau, Rob Sheffield, Joe Levy, Michaelangelo Matos, Jay Ruttenberg, Julianne Shepherd, Kelvin L. Williams, Eli Smith, Jane Gilday, and, uh, Rob Harvilla — to do … well, let’s just let Peter explain:

I have a weird request–I attended the Experience Music Project Pop Conference in 2004, and one of the features there was called Critical Karaoke–writers would choose a music track, and while it played, they would talk about it, starting when it started, and stopping when it was over. The results were amazingly interesting, and I thought I was watching the birth of a great new 21st century art form. To my surprise, the event was never repeated, but I’ve since talked to a number of attendees who were as knocked out as I was, all agreeing that this is something that should flourish and grow. Bob Christgau is helping me arrange a set of CK at Jalopy in Red Hook in Brooklyn on Thursday, July 30th. There will be 12 or 13 writers or musician/writers involved, and the proceedings will be filmed, recorded, and posted online in an effort to get others to say, this is great! I wanna do it too! Any track of music, any style, any time period or part of the world.

So this is apparently actually happening. I have no idea what it will be like. Come on down and find out.