Rudy’s Bar in Trouble; Liberals Come to Assistance


Rudy’s Bar and Grill, one of the few real drinking establishments left in gentrified Hell’s Kitchens, is in trouble. Seven months ago the department of buildings closed down its backyard for violations — not a big deal in deep winter. Rudy’s set to work, with a DOB certificate; it expected to have the backyard up to code and open by summer. But the city began an audit of the work in April, shutting down the project.

Now it’s nearly August and Rudy’s has been suffering from the drop in business due to the lack of its big, comfy backyard — so much so that they say they may have to shut down.

This shall not pass, says a concerned group of radical leftists…

Though itself non-partisan (and there are some guys at the bar who would make Archie Bunker look like Al Sharpton), Rudy’s has been the site of many Drinking Liberally events where Democrats tipple and talk treason. An agitator at Daily Kos put out the word — “don’t just drown your sorrows in drink… let’s get organized” — and encouraged the socialists who gather at Kos to sign a petition to DOB Commissioner Robert LiMandri, asking him to give Rudy’s a break.

The call has been taken up by liberal media outlet The New York Times and other traitors. No word yet on how it’s going, but if there’s anything that’s as much worth fighting for as socialized medicine and the estate tax, it’s Rudy’s. ¡Venceremos! Photo via EV Grieve.