Shocking Movie Endings!


I worship movies with shock endings because after I see them at early screenings, I get to run around telling all my friends the twists and ruining the experience for them! I love being a big, old spoiler queen. In 1992, I ran through the streets of Times Square yelling “The chick has a dick!” and in ’99, I scampered around Tribeca and other populated parts bellowing “They’re already dead!”

In fact, for a while, M. Night Shyamalan was my God, a man who gave me the chance to destroy perfectly nice dinner parties with cries of “The Village is set in the present!”

Well, I’m no Shyamalan, so I’ll end this post with something very predictable and not shocking at all: What’s your favorite shock ending? And what was the lamest? Don’t say Year One. Most people were thrilled that it ended at all.