A Guss by Any Other Name…


The Daily News reports that when Guss’ Pickles re-opens in Brooklyn, it won’t be called Guss’ Pickles. That’s because of a 2007 legal settlement between Pat Fairhurst, Guss’ owner, and Steve and Andrew Leibowitz, a father and son who also claimed ownership of the Guss name. After Fairhurst took over the pickle stall in 2004, she sued the Leibowitzes, who had bought the rights to the name and were using it for the pickle store they opened in Cedarhurst in 2001. Andrew Leibowitz countersued, and as a result of the settlement, Fairhurst could only use the Guss’ name for the Orchard Street shop she’s in the process of closing. There’s no word yet on what the shop, which was immortalized 21 years ago in Crossing Delancey, will call itself once it crosses the East River to Borough Park.