Cuomo Extends Support to Paterson, Who Is Charged with Partying


Let us, in this era of endless polticial mud-fights, enjoy the rare moments of comity. Like Bill de Blasio’s opponents in the public advocate’s race coming to his defense when his petition was challenged. And Andrew Cuomo, defending Governor Paterson from charges that his late-night partying at Taj with Russell Simmons et alia was inappropriate. (“STATE’S A WRECK? PARTY!” cried the New York Post.) While thoughtfully admitting that he didn’t have all the facts (who knows what the crazy cocaine cowboy might have got up to in the back room?), Cuomo said, “what the governor was doing was totally appropriate. He was at a party, he was celebrating somebody’s birthday. He’s come to birthday celebrations for me.” (Wait — maybe there’s an investigation in there somewhere! But who will watch the watcher?) Given the polling and fundraising disparities between Paterson and his presumed primary opponent next year, we suppose the attorney general can afford to be charitable.