Ghostface Killah: “I’m Not Into It For My Fan Base Right Now.”


Vulture’s got a pretty incredible interview with Ghostface (most of them are, I guess,), wherein he discusses imminent new record The Wizard of Poetry (“…Fall asleep where the chuckle patches was at, under a tree or something, and here go these skits, and they laughing and all this shit”), the likelihood that he’ll still be rapping when he’s 70 (“Muthafuckas always act like they retiring and don’t go nowhere”), and declines to discuss that whole thing about not shooting anyone since the early ’90s (“This nigga wanna talk about a shooting I said in the early nineties. What’s wrong with this nigga? [Laughs]”). Oh, and if the whole “r&b album named The Wizard of Poetry” thing unnerves you, tough. I think he’s earned the benefit of the doubt by now.