Jay-Z Doesn’t Show at Diesel Party; Kanye, Clipse Do


We’re gonna go ahead and suggest that yesterday was the first and last time Jay-Z and Swedish livewire Lykke Li will ever be confused for one another. The smart money for a good part of yesterday was that Jay-Z was maybe definitely due to step onstage last night with the Roots at that ridiculous Diesel party at Webster Hall (for which you actually had to have been wearing Diesel jeans inside a Diesel store at some point in the last few weeks just to get a ticket). Instead, it turned out to be–surprise, rap fans–Lykke Li, who apparently did a handful of songs with the band, including, somehow, “The Seed” (?!!?). Also, she and ?uestlove had some sort of a drum-off? Anyway, there was in fact one unscheduled bright shining star in the building–Kanye West, who came out to do “Kinda Like a Big Deal” with the Clipse. Video above. Passion Pit, the Noisettes, and a whole lot of other people played as well. In other news, Jay-Z is almost definitely playing a show somewhere in the vicinity of New York tonight, assuming we all don’t get hit by lightning.