My Shocking Trip To The Eagle


Thanks to the fact that everyone’s a blogger these days, I don’t even have to write my own anymore. I can go out for a night on the town, google myself the next day, and then just run someone else’s account of what happened to me.

And so, here is rawtop.com’s blog describing seeing me at the gay leather bar the Eagle the other night. He calls me iconic, which is nice, but he also mocks my fashion sense because I sported those glasses of mine and an old sweater around my neck, like an ’80s yuppie. I guess I was supposed to swagger to the door wearing leather chaps, a harness, and a yellow bandana, but I just didn’t feel like it.

The best part is when the illustrious rawtop writes, “Two masculine guys were making out in the corner and both of them [me and my friend] were totally titillated–they couldn’t stop looking and were practically giggling out loud like teenage school girls.”

Masculine guys? One of them was a female impersonator I’ve known for years! That’s why we were giggling! We loved watching the queen in action (not just making out, by the way).

Maybe I’ll have to go back to doing my own writeups.