Smokers Fight, Kill for Rights in Turkey


Apparently smokers are way more protective of their rights in Turkey than they are here in New York. A fight broke out when a restaurant owner in Southwest Turkey ordered a group of customers to extinguish their cigarettes following a national indoor smoking ban, leaving the owner dead and his business partner seriously wounded, Reuters reports.

Following the footsteps of Mayor Mike Bloomberg and other vice-crusading American mayors, the Turkish nation decided to ban indoor smoking on June 19.

Apparently Turkish smokers literally stick to their guns. The restaurant owner in the town of Saruhanli in Southwest Turkey was shot four times after taking the group’s cigarettes.

“I’m deeply saddened that the first smoking-ban murder occurred in our town,” Saruhanli Mayor Veli Yalcin told Hurriyet, a local daily. “They either shouldn’t have outlawed smoking or they should have outlawed alcohol along with smoking.”

The first smoking-ban murder? Yikes.