The Blogroll Gazette: A Star-Studded ‘Julie & Julia’ Premiere; Where Will Nate Appleman Settle?


This week in food blogs…

Eater took bets on what restaurant Nate Appleman may end up in. Motorino seems like a stretch, while Drew Nieporent’s project for Mai House could be a possibility.

The Feedbag attended the after party of the Julie & Julia premiere, and talked to celebs — of both the food and movie star breeds — about their impressions.

The Atlantic Monthly Food Channel pitted New York pastrami against Montreal smoked meat…and guess who didn’t win?

Midtown Lunch reported on the newly opened Rock Center Greenmarket, which will run every Wednesday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. until September 4.

Grub Street noticed a disconcerting trend in the East Village toward posting enormous food posters to advertise restaurant menus and deals.

Serious Eats asked, “Would you go to a chain restaurant on a first date?” (Fork in the Road’s answer: Only if it’s the kind of date that starts at a drive-thru and ends in a remote parking spot.)

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