“The King of Pop’s Going To Lick Your Lollipop”


No, that’s not a threat. That’s part of a quote from the new book about Michael Jackson in which a male actor is quoted as saying, “The very first time he blew me, he said ‘The King of Pop’s Going To Lick Your Lollipop’.” And the actor was a grownup!

The book–thrown together in two days the second the pop star died–is, according to this report on Jezebel, slipshod and sloppy, but it does posit some interesting claims like that one. According to the author, Jackson had sex with adult males and was a total bottom, eagerly living to please. He also protected a bunch of kids he hung with from porn on the TV–though it was straight porn featuring big-titted women, so that might explain that incident!

Anyway, read more at your own peril. You’ll be rewarded with some hard candy.