Video of Monserrate Menacing Girlfriend Admitted As Evidence


In case you were wondering how things were going on the prosecution of state senator Hiram Monserrate — busted last year and indicted in March for attacking his girlfriend with a broken glass — the answer is: not good. Not only is his trial scheduled for September 14 — the surveillance video that allegedly “shows Monserrate dragging his screaming girlfriend from the building” the night of the incident, which his defense lawyers tried to downplay, will be admitted as evidence. Earlier, sources said that Monserrate “will be convicted by the security video” — which allegedly includes scenes of a bleeding Karla Giraldo banging on a neighbor’s door, trying to get help. Monserrate says it’s all an accident and a misunderstanding, and his lawyers suggested the video was “edited” to make him look bad. We’ll see what a jury thinks.