Week in Review: I Have a Blog, This is What Happens.


In the week leading up to All Points Wet (har har), vandals insulted the word “gay” in describing Coldplay, we came up with suggestions for a Beastie Boys tribute on Friday at All Points West, and there were plenty of free All Points West alternatives.

Yes In My Backyard correspondent Christopher R. Weingarten gave us “Ecstatic Rite” from black-metal hot-shits Liturgy, whose favorite show in New York took place when they performed in a synthetic forest made out of discarded Christmas trees. Needless to say, it was a fire hazard. Our other YIMBY gift of the week? An EXCLUSIVE video from Greenpoint math-fuzz duo Renminbi, who seem to have Mad Menned themselves in their press shot.

Also, we interviewed These Are Powers on their trip to China. We interviewed Raekwon about Only Built for Cuban Linx II, Auto-Tune, J Dilla, and the future of rap. We interviewed The Onion‘s Nathan Rabin, who informed us he does not want to be Family Guy. Speaking of the Onion, Marilyn Manson threatened to make that Best Music Writing-feted 2001 piece from the paper–“Marilyn Manson Now Going Door-To-Door Trying To Shock People”–into a reality.

We also defended those (kind of terrible) new Weezer songs. We remembered the good old days at CBGB with Pig Destroyer. We got mad at that Quietus piece about the Dirty Projectors being the “zenith of shallow hipster chic.”

There was a new Mountain Goats song. There was “Rock Critic Karaoke.” There may be a Das Racist think piece on the horizon. (There most certainly is a video of Das Racist pretending to rap for Time Out New York.) There is a Fabolous Twitter campaign. There will be a Sasha Frere-Jones book about Michael Jackson.

Live: Katy Perry kissed a girl for the last fucking time at Hammerstein. Black Moth Super Rainbow were at South Street Seaport. The 25th anniversary of the Minutemen’s Double Nickels on the Dime took place at the Bowery Poetry Club. Mazor Lazer, The Virgins, Amazing Baby, Conor Oberst, Public Enemy were at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival. The same lightning that’s about to ruin tonight’s installment of All Points West (hi Zach!) shut down last Sunday’s Pool Party with Trail of Dead. Trail of Dead were apparently antsy and disappointed, since they offered themselves up via press release for “whatever” all day Tuesday. Kanye and Clipse showed up to that Diesel party. Then again, forget the Diesel Party: the show you missed was Grace Jones.

What else went on? Beach Fossils’ Dustin Payseur blasted a NY Mag story on him as “totally weird” and denied working at Urban Outfitters. The Wall Street Journal got a kick out of Jimmy Fallon getting a kick out of ?uestlove’s WSJ portrait. Governor Paterson spent a night in the company of Funkmaster Flex. Obits did Minnesota Public Radio. Blank Dogs called live shows quits. The best-selling record at Rock and Soul in Midtown was Rock Ross’s Deeper than Rap.

And the award for SOTC’s most insensitive, yet irresistible headline of the week goes to: “It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies at the Gathering of the Vibes Fest.”

Lastly, we need clubs/DJ/dance/nightlife writers! Holler at us.