White Rabbits Playing All Points West Tomorrow, Terrorizing Movie Theaters For Eternity


Like everyone else on the planet (except yours truly), New York’s very own White Rabbits will also be at All Points West this weekend. They’re scheduled to regale ambitiously eager folks on the Blue Comet main stage tomorrow at 1:10 pm. It’d be worth your while to get there tomorrow early–forecast calls for sun, and live, the six-piece are furious balls of sweat. “Percussion Gun,” the single from their most recent It’s Frightening, is killer, a rapidfire drum-line tool that, on endless repeat, propels hyper-productive spells. (Personal iTunes playcount: 213.) That said, the best way to interact with these guys may very well be from the safe distance of the stage–you certainly don’t want be seated near them in a movie theater. As they told us back when John MacDonald interviewed half of them back in May, a group movie fieldtrip can turn into a ruckus.

What’s the last movie you guys saw?

Drummer Jamie Levinson: Collectively?

Singer/guitarist Greg Roberts: Collectively, it was that Ricky Gervais movie, Ghost Town… Jamie had a fight with a mother and her son [Looking knowingly at Jamie sitting beside him]

JL: I told a mother and her son to shut up.

What were they doing?

JL: They were talking! That’s what they were doing!


Steve Patterson: Never go to a theater with Jamie.

So what did you say to this poor woman?

JL: I basically told her to get her son under control or I was going to get an usher to escort them off the premises.

GR: And then we had this really uncomfortable stare-down with this 12-year-old kid in the bathroom.

SP: Yeah, we walked in and he was just staring at us. It was scary.

GR: It was this weird showdown. It was six adult men and this kid…

JL: I felt very vulnerable.