Food That Probably Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Exist


You’re sitting at your office desk, fluorescent light streaming around you like the heavenly illumination of a saint in a medieval manuscript. It’s lunchtime, time to satisfy the animal cravings for food that have beset you all morning. You swivel in your chair, trying to decide what morsels to send down the pie hole, and how to make the most of your too-brief lunch period. Then the idea slaps you across the face. You must have a slider. And not just any slider, but one that’s bedecked with the works–mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and random other topics you can’t even imagine. You go to Chelsea Market seeking your dream slider, and what presents itself? Turn page to find out.

This picture is not a slider at all, but a meticulously constructed cheeseburger cupcake from Ruthy’s Bakery. And, our hatred of cupcakes aside, we can’t imagine a more awful lunch!

For more cupcake evisceration, read Sarah’s wonderful piece on the city’s cupcakes.

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