Gordon Ramsay’s New Kitchen Nightmare; Big Meals Cooked in Small Places


Julie Powell, who wrote the book Julie & Julia, on which the movie is based, isn’t the only New Yorker with a tiny kitchen. Other food blogging home cooks make big meals in tiny spaces everyday.
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Iron Chef contestant Aaron Sanchez — also the chef at Centrico and Paladar — talks about his new Food Network show Chefs vs. City, in which he and San Francisco chef Chris Cosentino go to a new city each episode to challenge local foodies in a sort of culinary Amazing Race.
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Maureen Dowd e-interviews her BFF Nora Ephron about her eating habits, and discovers the Julie & Julia director could never fall in love with a vegetarian. Other scintillating revelations: “Q: Is noshing in bed always wrong? A: Not if it’s ice cream.”
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Gordon Ramsay is having a kitchen nightmare of his own at the London Hotel, where unpaid debts, patchy service, and slow business aren’t the only problems. An infestation of flies was allegedly found behind the bar, and a dead mouse was discovered in the A/C.

Can we judge the economy by the Hot Waitress Index? Apparently, when business slows down, establishments let go the less attractive girls, and hire hot girls in the hopes of stimulating traffic and spending.
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