I Met Marcia Rodd!


I love esoteric stars who are troupers in need of more appreciation. That’s where I step in. Recently I went to see an off-Broadway revue called Don’t Leave It All To Your Children!, which costars seasoned performers like Marcia Rodd and Steve Rossi.

Let me explain: Rodd is a Tony nominee who was in the original Broadway cast of Neil Simon’s Last of the Red Hot Lovers. She also starred in Chu Chem, a bizarre hybrid musical that never made it to Broadway. And she was one of the original choices for Mabel in Mack and Mabel before Gower Champion started zanily firing people. Best of all, she’s the female lead in the wonderfully weird movie of Little Murders.

After seeing the revue (in a former Jewish temple), I got to meet Marcia, who’s a delight, with a great attitude and lots of stories to tell! And Steve Rossi is a bucket of fun too–he was half of the comedy team Allen and Rossi, who appeared on the old Ed Sullivan Show even more than Topo Gigio.

Have I totally lost you? Oh, well. Just be happy that I’m happy.

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