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Brooklyn Bridge Park. Twitpic via islandwoo.

You missed Restaurant Week! But not really! The summer discount-eats event was supposed to end July 31, but it has been extended to Labor Day. Hundreds of restaurants offer a multi-course lunch for $24.07 and dinners for $35.00.

Still out of your price range? You can go to Chelsea Market and get a cheeseburger cupcake for much less. You won’t be hungry after that.

The corner of Metropolitan and Graham Avenues, 1937 and 2009.

It’s getting so a gym teacher can’t even say “faggot” anymore — at least, not at a press conference.

Get your own Obama-socialism-Joker poster here. Perfect for dorm rooms!

If you see roving peace billboards in Manhattan on Thursday, here’s who and why. There’s a Lou Reed angle!

Wanna go see the Mets? Still plenty of tickets available, for some reason.


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