Your Personal Favorite Movie


Tell me a movie you call your own. You know, the one that speaks to you the most directly and powerfully, even if just as a wonderful piece of escapist entertainment.

I do NOT mean a flick everyone on the planet loves. I’m not looking to hear “I adore The Godfather trilogy” or “I really enjoyed Bridget Jones’ Diary.”

Come up with something that didn’t win Oscars or become a cultural phenomenon, though if you were in charge, it no doubt would have. Pick something obscure and offbeat that you can always turn on and tune into for some momentary uplift against all odds.

For me, it’s The April Fools, a 1969 romantic comedy with Jack Lemmon romping with his boss’s wife, Catherine Deneuve, for a glorious New York weekend. I adore the leads, love the supporting cast (including Myrna Loy and Charles Boyer), worship the title Bacharach/David tune, and thrill to the scenes of nightlife, pop art, Central Park, and incipient adultery. Most critics consider the film perfectly mediocre, but to me, it’s just plain perfect. Watching it has always made me feel so unspeakably sophisticated.

And you? (PS: Don’t pick my movie. Get your own!)

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