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After Clinton Visit, Imprisoned Journalists “Pardoned” By North Korea


Laura Ling and Euna Lee, the two Current TV journalists sentenced to 12 years hard labor by the North Koreans last month, have apparently been pardoned at the intercession of former President Bill Clinton. Clinton went to North Korea today and talked it over with Dear Leader Kim Jong-il, who in presumed to have okayed the pardon. Conservatives have been worried that, as Clinton and Kim were said to have had a “wide-ranging exchange of views on matters of common concern,” the former President might be trading some nukes for the pair, but if such a deal has been worked out, we have yet to hear of it. No word yet as to when the reporters come home.

Update: Tweet tweet: “Someone get the man a blowjob” — timotaye, several others. “Clinton does wifes job, rewards N Korea for bad behavior (met at airport by lead nuke negotiator)” — FreddyGDEN. “Congratulations to Bill Clinton on exchanging Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs in North Korea!” — Symbolman.”Apparently while he was there he also had time to build a 650sq/ft Home for the poor. In Korea that should sleep 35.” — Canadian_Speed.

Some profess amazement that Ryan Seacrest broke the story.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 4, 2009


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