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Cy Vance-Spitzer Fundraiser, Seen to “Overshadow” Issues, Cancelled (Updated)


We thought this was a great idea: a Cy Vance fundraiser hosted by Eliot Spitzer. What synergy! The Manhattan D.A. candidate has a famous name, albeit mostly thanks to his father, the former Secretary of State; so does Spitzer, for various reasons.

Alas, it not to be: the event, scheduled for tomorrow, has been cancelled.

As regular readers will know, politics is not our forte. Nonetheless, we question the wisdom of this decision…

The former governor, who has given the Vance campaign $500 (his wife contributed $1,000), is in the midst of a glorious comeback, and has outpolled current Governor Paterson. At a time when even Rudolph Giuliani and George Pataki can consider a return to elective office, why not Spitzer? The event was a great opportunity for Vance, who has trailed in fundraising, to hitch his wagon to a rising star.

A campaign spokesman tells Azi Paybarah it had “grown into something that was beginning to overshadow the important issues in this race, like community-based justice and much-needed court reform.” Oh, so we’re back to that, are we? How are we supposed to get people to pay attention?

Update: The Post says former madam and alleged Spitzer hooker-upper Kirsten Davis was threatening to crash the party. Another opportunity wasted! Vance could have made of it a teachable moment about prostitution laws. Photo via wikipedia.


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