Gaslight Anthem Will Buy You A Beer to Make Up For That We Are Scientists Set You Were Forced to Watch on Sunday


Those like our own Rob Harvilla who showed up at All Points West on Sunday to see the Gaslight Anthem and instead found themselves deciding between the sweet, pathologically generic stylings of Elbow, We Are Scientists, and La Roux will now receive a consolation prize, assuming their APW ticket stub is not now a shriveled ball of mud and sweat at the bad end of a public park’s trashcan. The Gaslight Anthem, whose set at the fest was cancelled on account of the appalling rain that fell during most of Sunday afternoon, are being exceedingly nice guys about the whole thing. To wit, they’re getting the next round, come October at Terminal 5:

To everyone who tried to see us at All Points West this weekend…

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our set at All Points West on Sunday August 2nd was cut at the last minute. Needless to say, we were and still are extremely disappointed that we weren’t allowed to perform for everyone who came out to see us, braving the terrible weather, the mud, the lightning and the extremely-delayed door time…only to then find out that we weren’t playing after all…..

Should any of you who came to see us at APW want come to our just-announced October 15th show in NYC at Terminal 5, try to remember to bring your APW ticket stub with you. If you do, you can present it to the people doing “ID Checks” when you enter and they will give you a drink ticket good for one free beer, soft drink or water (whatever you prefer)…..

With this small gesture, we want to show all of you who were at APW how grateful we are that you made the effort to come out and see us. While we’re incredibly bummed that things turned out as they did, we’re also humbled by the emails and messages we’ve gotten from so many of you, and by your support of us, even when days like yesterday happen. So thank you so much for hanging in there….we sincerely hope to see many of you in a much drier and happier setting on October 15th in the city…..

In other news, the Gaslight Anthem seems like pretty much the nicest band on the planet. Your move, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis.

To everyone who tried to see us at All Points West this weekend… [MySpace/Gaslight Anthem]

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