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Gotti Pleads Not Guilty to 3 Murders, Racketeering in Latest Trial


We thought that John A. Gotti, better known as John Gotti Jr., was done with trials, but the alleged mobster is up on murder and racketeering charges, and pleaded not guilty to them today in Manhattan federal court. Gotti has had three racketeering mistrials, the latest in 2006, but in recent months has been held in preparation for this upcoming trial, to which murder conspiracy charges have been added. The deaths of Louis DiBono (a hit allegedly ordered by Gotti Sr. for intransigence, for which Charles Carneglia has already gone away), George Gross and Bruce John Gotterup are mentioned in the indictment; Gotti had previously been mentioned in the deaths of Daniel Silva and Vinny Cennamo (originally considered a suicide, later considered a suicide-with-unsought-help), but they don’t appear in the new document. The racketeering charges include “unlawful dominion and influence over certain aspects of the construction industry in and around New York City.”

Tom Robbins saw Gotti’s mom crying for justice for her son at a hearing in May. The Feds say they will not seek the death penalty. Gotti’s trial is scheduled to begin on September 14.



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