Nora Ephron Dishes More on Her Eating Habits; Starbucks Goes Lean


Everyone’s talking to Nora Ephron this week, including Newsweek. The Julie & Julia director drops several new nuggets of culinary information about herself: “I’m a pretty careful eater but I do love a good corn chip, I really do.”

Life as a competitive eater isn’t as glamorous as you might expect. Or maybe it’s exactly as glamorous as you’d expect: big meals, nauseating fullness, and uncomfortable flights home from distant competitions.
[NY Times]

Famous chefs from around the country and beyond were influenced by Julia Child. Rocco DiSpirito, Terrence Brennan, Emeril Lagasse, and Daniel Boulud each reflect on the first time they watched or met the TV cook.
[NY Daily News]

Starbucks is implementing “lean thinking,” a concept inspired by Toyota’s brand of lean manufacturing that will reduce the amount of time baristas spend “in motion,” thus maximizing time spent with customers and reducing the overall number of workers.
[Wall Street Journal]

Drank, a grape-flavored soda sold in Arizona, is the opposite of an energy drink. Designed to slow you down, it’s being called “weed in a can.” Drank contains valerian root, melatonin, and rose hips, all known for their calming effects.


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