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Obama-Joker-Socialist Thing Spreads on Web, Not So Much on Walls


The liberal media et alia are still talking about that Obama-Joker-Socialist poster which was first described in April and has, at this writing, been shown in photos at two (2) locations (and at a KFC in Atlanta though, call us paranoid, it looks Photoshopped). Nonetheless it is described as “popping up,” “all over the city of Los Angeles and Atlanta,” “plastered all over Hollywood,” etc.

It can be said with greater authority that this thing has gone “viral,” in that lots of web sites mention it. This has got to be good news to advertising agencies who commonly spend millions on promotional campaigns: A couple of pics, a dedicated cadre, and your guerrilla marketing effort is on fire.

Following standard practice, the next step would be for rightbloggers to demand critics show all the locations at which the poster does not appear. But before it gets to that, we expect some other cowboys with printers and paste-pots will get a few more of them up. Meantime the M.O. is to accuse complainers of liberal hypocrisy, as mean images of Bush were circulated back in the day. That they were, and were attributed at the time to Bush Derangement Syndrome, the DSM-IV listing for which will apparently have to be updated.


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