Sex and the City Auditioners Line Up, Baffle Today Show Interviewer


From the photos, it looks a like a line outside a club in the Meatpacking District at 2 a.m., but it’s broad daylight and the young women in fancy dress are outside the Metropolitan Pavilion to audition for extra work in the Sex and the City film sequel. SAG members did their thing this morning, but non-union actresses and just plain folks turned up early for their afternoon call; media have been plumping the event, and it has drawn a lot of would-be soubrettes with dreams of glory. A stylist, for example, tells the Daily News she yearns be “immortalized” on “a screen the size of a house”…

The Today Show sent Amy Robach to interview some of the prospects; she didn’t get much out of them, though a few proudly proclaimed themselves “fashionistas” when prompted. Robach found one male, which we’d been wondering about, as we had begun to suspect the producers planned to have only female supernumeraries, which might have added an interesting element of surrealism to the film. Robach asked “Paul” why he turned up. “I’m in construction,” he said, “so I figure I can fix one of the girls” toilets or lights or something.” Paul should definitely have a speaking role. Robach then asked Al Roker if he wanted Paul to come over and fix things up around his place. And people say we’re killing journalism!

Regrettably, there are no indications so far that the producers have followed our suggestions for the sequel.


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