New York

Taconic Crash: 1.75 Liter Absolut Bottle in Car; Driver Drunk, High


Westchester County officials spoke to the press today about the crash last week caused by Diane Schuler (pictured) running her minivan the wrong way on the Taconic,State Parkway, and it confirms what the toxicology report revealed: that Schuler was drunk and high when her bad driving killed her and seven other people. The main news was that troopers found a broken 1.75 liter bottle of Absolut in the car, and that she had six grams of alcohol in her stomach, which means she was probably drunker than was indicated by her already high blood alcohol level of 0.19 — more than twice the legal driving limit. Schuler’s THC level was “very high,” the ME’s office said, indicating that she had probably ingested marijuana between 15 and 60 minutes before she perished. The fatalities are now considered vehicular homicides.


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