Shit-hot music for the end of days. How else to describe Brooklyn’s TV on the Radio who have since gone on to produce ingénue tankers (Dave Sitek’s ScarJo tribute album to Tom Waits) and do some acting on the side (Tunde Adebimpe’s cherubic appearance in Rachel Getting Married). Though you didn’t have to be a critic to connect 2008’s tempestuous Dear Science to the end of the Bush administration (“Hey, jackboot! Fuck your war!” corrals Tunde from the start of “Red Dress”), TVOTR in the age of audacity never flickers. In the heart of Prospect Park, share your “Lover’s Day” with the talented bunch at this benefit concert for the Celebrate Brooklyn Festival. With Gang Gang Dance and Chin Chin.

Tue., Aug. 11, 5:30 p.m., 2009

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