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Clinton Sweeps Into L.A. with Rescued Women; Conservatives Roar, Soil Selves


Bill Clinton’s negotiation of a pardon from Kim Jong-Il for journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee has, as you might expect, made conservatives angry (“Color me disgusted,” “I want them out, but this way?” etc). “Since when does the US negotiate with terrorists?” asks one cowboy who was asleep the year America freed the Iranian hostages.

Clinton’s dramatic arrival in L.A. this morning with the freed women can’t have helped their blood pressure.

As seen on TV this morning, Lee and Ling emerged from the plane and came down to hug their husbands and Lee’s little girl, then their other family members (including Lisa Ling, of course). After a few flashbulb-punctuated moments of this, Bubba picked the optimal moment to emerge (or, as many have said, “swagger”) from the plane, walk down the steps, and get a big hug from Lee and Ling’s employer at Current TV, and his former Vice President, Al Gore.

Rightbloggers meanwhile continue to accuse Clinton of treason and soil themselves.



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