In Honor of YACHT’s Surprising Best New Music Distinction, Let’s Remember Back to When Jona Bechtolt Played Cinders Gallery in 2007


This was back in April 2007, after Jona Bechtolt had left the Blow. This was before Bechtolt opened a string of shows for LCD Soundsystem, before YACHT would thereby get signed to DFA. This was right before I Believe in You. Your Magic Is Real had come out, but after copies were at shows for sale. This was back when Claire L. Evans wasn’t a full contributing member to YACHT, but the young woman Jona told Graffiti Monsters guy Mark DeNardo, the lumberjack-styled fella who’s pictured in the front row, was “the GF.” This was the night when there was a burning smell about halfway through YACHT’s set and it turned out that one of the speakers was on fire. This was before anyone but Brandon Stosuy and !!! and Todd P cared about Telepathe, who opened that night. This is before YACHT looked like neo-Roxette and put out naked-but-cleverly-censored press photos. This was when Jona Bechtolt had shaggy hair and red pants and wore an Andrew WK tie-dye. This was before YACHT played Santos Party House and a few days later wore a Santos Party House shirt to the Brooklyn Bowl. This was before YACHT’s See Mystery Lights was Best New Music. This was a night we had a lot of fun.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 5, 2009

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